Wigston Housing Survey

Please complete our survey (below) on the consultation regarding possible sites for the Council's new Local Plan. 

Across the different possible sites, it could see up to 2,000 houses built around/off Newton Lane and Welford Road if these sites are selected.

This is on top of the existing 1,000 houses approved in the Council's current Local Plan.

For specific details of the sites being looked at, please click here to visit the Council's website.

A summary of Wigston sites being consulted on:

  • WIG/001 - Land west of Welford Road: 60-75 houses
  • WIG/002 - Wigston Meadows Phase 3: at least 400 houses
  • WIG/003 - Land north of Denbydale: 50-60 houses
  • WIG/004 - Land north of Newton Lane: 1000-1300 houses
  • WIG/005 - Highfield Farm: Possible new Golf Club House
  • WIG/006 - Land off Denbydale & Rosedale: 150-155 houses

Other related sites include:

  • OAD/008 - Half of Glen Gorse Golf Club: 224-336 houses
  • OAD/007 - South of Sutton Close: 50-170 houses
  • O&W/001 - Glen Corse Golf Courses: 630-1080 houses

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Did you know about the plan for up to 2,000 more homes (on top of the approved 1,000) - prior to our leaflet?
These possible sites were included in the Council's local plan pre-consultation - is this something you were aware of prior to our leaflet?
How do you feel about these options?
Generally speaking, do you feel listened to by the Council?